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Do You Need To Reduce Your Audit Exposure?

August 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Today, managers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of certification reviews and are just certifying users without the appropriate level of attention or analytics. Without proper visibility into user access, managers are unable to perform accurate certification reviews and the result can have negative financial and security consequences. In addition, this results in organizations not being able to sustain a periodic attestation cycle to review user access rights across a wide range of business applications and platforms, thus failing audits. And yes folks, the “Audit Eye” is real! Check it out:

Dazed Manager

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Slapping Funny This One

August 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Funny or not, you tell me.

Slapping Funny This One

We have all been there! Too many passwords to remember is a bug we are all suffering from. From my first dog to my first friend in school, my grandmother, my son and everyone in between, they have all made their appearance on my passwords roll. Life was easy (albeit a lot less secure) when you could get away with just putting in the names. Now there needs to be a combination of letters, symbols, numbers and more. And, you have to change it every few weeks.  So, with a different password for each of the systems and applications, how many permutation-combinations are you dealing with? And did you know that a single call to the help desk can cost as much as $25 to reset passwords?

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